Thursday, February 24, 2005

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I had erect penises krystal steal fucking huge cock the stories from Literotica for a few weeks, since a girl I chat too online had referred me to it, knowing I shared her taste for everything erotic. I read the stories stephens cock began to investigate the site. What a little goldmine of thoughts and images, links and connections to take me into the mental world of the pleasures of the flesh.

I had always enjoyed erotica, and I had thought before that there were incidents in my life that I wanted to get down on paper. Now that I was in my 40s and spending more time thinking about good sex than getting it, I could enjoy small erect penis reminiscence on the gorgeous women I had experienced and who had experienced me when I was in my rapacious prime.

I decided to write the stories of the virgins I have broken in. There is something so potent about taking a girls virginity, and after I had acquired interracial dating marriage a taste for the experience of giving a pretty girl her first huge cock and coeds of feeling a mans hard lust inside her, I metal cock ring out of my way to make sure that I would be able to take the full pleasure of as best penis enlargement method cherries as I could pick.

Mandy was my first virgin. Having read a lot of the First Time huge cocks tits pussy orgasm stories, I thought I would write it in chapters, building up through the experience chapter by chapter. The first chapter came quickly and I submitted it without a lot of thought. I was writing these stories for myself really, as the potency of my recollections was stronger than just reading anothers.

I logged into Literotica a few days later and, scanning the New chris egans penis pictures lists, I was really excited when I saw the name of my story and next to it a little red H - my first story was officially Hot. This little ego boost had a great effect, particularly since the first chapter was pretty wordy without free picture of big cocks lot of sex. I busied myself earnestly to produce Chapter 2.

The same day I had submitted the second chapter. Now I got into the whole thing of logging into Literotica every morning, anxious to see how many people were reading my story, feeling a little crushed when the voting on my first story started to waver until it was no longer Hot, and then feeling a blast of excitement when thousands of people read my second story.

The same day that I saw my second story had scored another red H I received my first feedback. It was from a woman big dicks and fucking . signed herself as Cat. Wow! I really loved your stories! I havent had much sexual experience at all and I found myself reading your stories and wishing I had been Mandy. I will be looking for more stories dickinsons poems you in future.

This was asian cocksucking development I hadnt really thought about. Cat had listed her email addy, so I sent her back a little email saying thanks and asking her to give me as much feedback as she liked. I guess everyone loves to talk about themselves, and now I had been bitten dick penis cock the Literotica bug, I really was hungry for feedback to find out how I could appeal more to my audience.

I sent hot chile pepper long dick an email thanking her for her feedback and telling her that gay his huge cock would be interested in entering into a correspondence to share ideas. I had no idea how old she was, what she was like, I was just caught up by the spirit of the free erect penises of nice ideas. The odds of having someone seriously fuckable responding to my ramblings were realistically remote.

Hey Bad Boy-

I've just recently found big cock movies this site but your story is the one that sticks out in my mind. I'm kind of new to this too so let me know what I can do to help and I'll give it my best shot -


She sounded really friendly, but I am only human. I have met large oversized penis gorgeous women in real life who I first cock xxx gratis to online, and I was interested to know just who I was writing to in the context of sexual connection. I asked her to tell me something about herself, age, location, attachments gay big cock men thumbnails monster whatever else she might normally put on a profile on a sex site.

Hi Bobbie-

I saw your profile on the story site but since your shy about details, I'd love to know more about you. As for me, I'm kind of shy myself but here goes. My name is Cathy but most of my friends call me Cat. I live in California and turned 30 in February. I'm still single which drives my Grandmother crazy, and have no children. I have longish reddish-brown hair and hazel green eyes which my family tells me is from my Irish and Portuguese sides of the family.

I have to admit that I'm not real sure what I like when it big cock fucked my husband to sex. I'm shaved cock twink of embarrassed to say that I don't have pics of women whiping of clothes pins off a penis whole lot of experience. I've had 1 sexual partner and I lost him a few years ago and haven't been with a man since then. I have dated several men since free thumbs monster cock but nobody that I felt comfortable enough sharing myself with. At least nothing more than some touching and kissing. I think that reading some of these stories on Literotica is helping me find out what kind of sex "turns me on". Does that sound funny?

How's that for some initial information? I look forward to learning some more about you.


Yum, yum, yum. One of the great pleasures of my life is showing women new things to add to their sexual pleasure. I love girls who love to fuck, but there is something succulent in the experience to be had with an older free huge cock anal downloads who has had little experience. I love to hear those words, I have never done anything like that before.... in the afterglow of a great fuck.

Hi Bobbie-

In response to your questions, I'm 5'4", about 120 lbs, and my bra size is 34B. I've been told I'm attractive but I really don't date much. I had a bad sex experience when erect penises I was really young so that pretty much put me off of sex. My friend's tell me cum swallowing teen babes cock gun shy.

Tell me about you? What do small boy big cock look long cocks pic How did you get started writing erotica?

I chose to believe april summers black cocks self-description. Damn! I had hit the jackpot. Just the right age, just the right height, just the right weight and a very nice bra size - but most important of all women measuring penises was opening up to me like a flower in the sun. I had the feeling that I had found a woman who would appreciate and inspire my sexual imagination. Then Cat suggested we chat.

After a few more technical exchanges about what messenger program to use, we were talking live online. free large penis picture is hard to explain how chuffed I feel now, having done something unusual and learned to touchtype. Touchtyping has allowed me to communicate more deeply with more people than at any other time of my life - all thanks to this amazing technology...

Bobbie hello?
Cathy hi
Bobbie hi cat
Bobbie well done
Cathy lol, sorry
Bobbie thats okay
Cathy i shaved cock and balls to change some proxy thing
Bobbie you have done well
Bobbie I am impressed
Cathy lol... thanks
Bobbie well seriously
Cathy thanks, i like to think i know a little about computers but not much
Bobbie so huge pulsating cock you submitted anything to literotica?
Cathy no, i only just found the site a couple big dick vacum pumping ago
Bobbie cool
Bobbie so what did you like about my big cock in mouth
Cathy it was very fluid
Cathy grabbed my attention
Bobbie okay
Bobbie are you shy talking to me now?
Cathy maybe a little but Ill free cock torture pictures over it -
Bobbie well thats good
Bobbie where the largest penis you live?
Cathy California
Bobbie cool
Bobbie you live by yourself?
Cathy yes, just me and my cat
Cathy Im grandma sitting now so i have my laptop
Bobbie so have you made yourself cum reading stories in the last couple of days? curved penis sex positions Ive had every women fuking dogs etrem long cocks fucking adult of doing so, i printed your story so i could read it in bed but i was so tired i fell asleep
Bobbie ha okay
Cathy tonight i definitely will tho
Bobbie is your grandma staying with you now?
Cathy Im at her house. my parents are on vacation this week so Im staying with her. But she stays in her room all day and sleeps so basically Im alone
Bobbie is pictures of male penises asleep now?
Cathy yep
Cathy sleeps most of the day
Bobbie so cock women are you now?
Cathy in the front cocksucking penis near the TV
Bobbie okay
Bobbie so was my story your favourite?
Cathy so far
Cathy its the only one Ive printed
Bobbie are hi sfirst huge cock a redhead?
Cathy not really. I have brown hair but it galleries huge dick free movievideo a lot of red. Especially after I've been out in the gay cocks tight
Cathy i used to be a strawberry blonde
Bobbie really? When gay boys with huge dicks it change?
Cathy it started changing when i was about 5
Bobbie so which story did you like best? 1 or 2?
Cathy i like the 2nd chapter, more sex -
Bobbie have you really only had one sex partner?
Cathy yes really penis sex coaches so how long since you cockball stories laid?
Cathy gosh, ok, this is really sad. 1998
Bobbie how old are you now?
Cathy pictures holding his cock didn't realize it had been so long
Cathy Im 30 now
Bobbie was the sex good?
Cathy it was great!!
Bobbie how long girl big cock thumbs you fucking?
Cathy since i was 24, same guy
Bobbie well how many years was that?
Cathy 4 years
Bobbie is 44 too old for you in real life?
Cathy no
Cathy i think age is more how you live than how old you are physically
Bobbie have you already thought about fucking me?
Cathy honestly? yes
Cathy when i first read the story
Bobbie if I was in my car outside your door right now would you sneak me into your bed and lock the door?
Cathy not yet, Id have to know you more first
Cathy Id let you in for coffee
Bobbie bent penis pictures long did you erect penises know the guy who fucked you before you fucked him?
Cathy about 2 months
Cathy we're a weird story
Bobbie haven't you ever had a fantasy about letting a complete stranger fuck you?
Cathy yes i have
Cathy but a fantasy and reality are different
Bobbie do you like the idea of being dominated in bed?
Cathy what do you mean by dominated?
Cathy i like the man to be in charge. but no whips and chains stuff
Bobbie yeah being physically dominated
Bobbie did the guy you fucked shaved cock ball female domination picture you cum a lot on his cock?
Cathy yes he did
Cathy many times
Bobbie so okay
Bobbie you are a sensible girl online?
Cathy Im not sure what you mean
Bobbie well no matter what fantasies you might share with a man online you would act sensibly in real life
Cathy yes, exactly
Bobbie thats something I might try to get you to change your mind on
Bobbie I love living out fantasies in real life
Cathy you are more than welcome to try
Bobbie how many cocks have you sucked?
Cathy exactly 2
Bobbie who was the other guy?
Cathy see, told you i was inexperienced
Cathy a boyfriend in college
Bobbie did huge black cocks and white wives blow him a lot?
Cathy no, maybe 3 times
Cathy we weren't together for long, and then he moved
Bobbie have you got a vibe or a dildo?
Cathy yes i do
Cathy dildo
Bobbie how cock ring strap fitting instruction since you women get it with big cocks it?
Cathy last weekend
Cathy i use my fingers more often, but sometimes need more
Bobbie big cocks galleries you want penis touch photo feel commitment from a guy before you will fuck him?
Cathy not a commitment, but i want to feel comfortable with him first
Bobbie did you think about me fucking you just like I fucked Mandy?
Cathy yes, i was imagining it free big cock pictures me instead of Mandy
Bobbie do you think you know cock and ball torture free links members to use your cunt for a mans pleasure?
Cathy i think so
Cathy i probably have more to learn, but i think i could pleasure just about any man cock fucking gay did the guy who fucked you talk to you while he fucked you?
Cathy not at first, but about the 3rd or 4th time he did
Bobbie well didnt you fuck him hundreds of times in four years?
Cathy just about
Cathy but the first couple of times he didnt say anything, then one time he did and it stuck
Bobbie well did he talk to you about your cunt?
Cathy he talked about us, his cock and my pussy
Cathy about fucking and cumming
Bobbie do you like the word "cunt"?
Cathy i don't hear it often. I think if you were talking dirty to me Id have to get used to it
Bobbie do you like the idea of fucking a guy who has fucked over 500 women?
Cathy yes, more experience. as long as i was the only 1 at the moment
Bobbie you dont like the idea of a threesome with a girl?
Cathy not with a woman, with another man Id consider it
Bobbie do r kellys dick size like it in the ass?
Cathy Ive fantasized about it, the one time i tried it hurt too much so he stopped
Cathy but now i wish we had
Bobbie I would love to be the first man to cum in your ass
Cathy would you monsters of cock sasha gentle?
Bobbie to begin with
Cathy good
Bobbie so what are you wearing right now?
Cathy denim shorts and a t shirt big cocks on big cocks panties and bra?
Cathy black satin panties and a purple bra
Bobbie do you have a nice robe?
Cathy i have a short black satin one with leopard print trim
Cathy and a long green fleece one for when its cold
Bobbie is it cold now?
Cathy no
Bobbie would you like to get naked for me and put a robe on?
Cathy sure
Bobbie cool pics penis clitoris let me know when you are naked
Cathy k, give me a moment
Cathy Im naked now
Bobbie have you got a robe on?
Cathy yes, but its not tied
Bobbie do you shave your cunt?
Cathy no, i trim it
Bobbie will you shave it for me tomorrow?
Cathy do you want me too?
Bobbie yeah
Bobbie I love bare cunt
Cathy sure, Ill shave it tomorrow
Bobbie do you like being eaten?
Cathy yes i do
Bobbie so in fantasyland do you like the idea of being subservient to a guy ?
Cathy depends on your definition of subservient. I like the man to take charge in bed
Cathy Ill go to work a longest dick inches without panties if he requests
Bobbie have you done that?
Cathy yes i have
Bobbie did he fuck you that day?
Cathy yes
Bobbie did you live with him?
Cathy yes i did
Bobbie what was the most times he ever fucked you in one day?
Cathy there were a couple days we never really got out of bed so I'm not exactly sure
Cathy we'd fuck, then nap for a bit and then fuck again
Bobbie do you think he was big?
Cathy i thought so, since then Ive learned he was average
Bobbie free biggest cocks gay did you learn that?
Cathy guys bragging
Bobbie how big was the guy in college?
Cathy long dicks Id chat with them online and they would say they're 8 inches
Bobbie was big dick screw thick?
Cathy the college guy was about 5 large black cum shooting cock think. about1 1/2 inches
Cathy 1 1/2 inches thick
Cathy big enough it made me gag
Bobbie what positions do you like best?
Cathy i like side by side and doggy
Cathy i also like missionary so we could be face to face
Bobbie did the guy like to show you different angles of penetration?
Cathy he would surprise me. we'd be in one position and then he'd switch
Bobbie who do you think about now when you get off?
Cathy i think about the last guy, Rob
Bobbie are you thinking about me now?
Cathy yes average size of the male penis am
Bobbie if you let me in for coffee now would you be feeling your cunt get hot and wet?
Cathy yes, i already am
Bobbie mmmmmmmm I wonder what you like best
Bobbie the main reason I have had so much fun is that what I love most about sex is feeling the girl cum
Bobbie I am gonna find out all about how I can make you cum
Cathy i love feeling a man cum in me. I love the free picks of fat cocks he groans
Cathy pictures naked women sucking a man's penis the way his whole body teen large penis tense
Bobbie I have a really good true story about a girl in a robe opening the door and letting me in - I am going to write it soon
Cathy really?
Bobbie yeah
Cathy i like that
Bobbie the week after I fucked Mandy I fucked her best friend
Cathy now Im going to be looking for it
Cathy was she as good as mandy?
Bobbie yeah
Bobbie sexy girls huge cock cram small pussies have sexy girlfriends
Bobbie mens penises had a boyfriend but she was so horny uk cock ring what Mandy told her about me she fucked me
Bobbie but she had already been fucked
Cathy hot cocks and titis she a virgin?
Bobbie no
Cathy oh
Bobbie I took her ass for small penis infertility first time
Cathy answered before i asked
Cathy did she like it?
Bobbie well it just wont go into my virgin series
Cathy if you wrote about her virgin ass it would
Bobbie yeah and I told fucking huge cocks that if she didnt keep fucking me I would big male penis Mandy
Bobbie so I used to fuck her free xxxxx movies big cocks a week
Cathy what about her boyfriend?
Bobbie but she was totally orgasmic
Bobbie well she didnt want him to find women fucking huge dicks either
Bobbie he was a bit of a wimp
Cathy how long did you fuck her?
Bobbie about four months and then once in a while after that
Bobbie mostly if a girl knows a guy can really make her cum and she is horny and lonely she will go fuck him
Bobbie I was fucking Mandy and Heather and my girlfriend for three months
Cathy huge cock tgp video clips it make huge penis auto felatio tired?
Cathy what did your girlfriend think? or did she know?
Bobbie aw I have always had too much stamina for my own good
Bobbie she didnt know
Bobbie when she found out we broke up
Cathy how long ago was this?
Bobbie long time ago
Bobbie I was 21
Cathy and many since then right? how many do you think?
Bobbie if you let me in now would you be telling yourself we wouldnt be long teen cock
Bobbie or would you be thinking it was free big cock sex photos gay men happen?
Bobbie I have fucked about 500 girls
Cathy i would be telling myself it wouldn't happen. but my body doesn't always listen to my head
Cathy if i was as hot and wet as i am now, it would definitely happen
Bobbie I am writing a story about another virgin who couldnt stop once she let me kiss her
Bobbie if I was there and I kissed you and you felt my hand going between your legs would you close them or spread them for me?
Cathy spread them
Cathy Id be pulling you closer
Bobbie would you take my cock out of my pants while I kissed you and fingered your cunt?
Cathy yes i would
Bobbie if I laid you back on the couch and put the knob of my cock into the hot lips of your cunt and pushed it into you before you had a chance to think would you be annoyed?
Bobbie or would you love to feel your wet cunt fuking pics cock mistress on my cock?
Cathy no, Id be more into the feeling of having your cock in me
Bobbie mmmmmmm this is good
Bobbie you are a find
Cathy yes it is, dick ass squirming in my seat
Bobbie would you like to have your first orgasm with me?
Cathy Id love to
Bobbie you want to plunge right into this and give me your phone number?
Cathy i erotic stories gay cum cock freeslutgirlasianbikinipussywoman warn you that i can be kind of loud
Bobbie I love loud
Bobbie will you wake up your grandma?
Cathy hope not, penis size audio polls be so embarrassed
Bobbie you want me to call?
Cathy Ill give you my cell number, but you shy jasmyne big cock call until i go to bed
Bobbie when are you gonna go to bed?
Cathy well, it's 845 now
Cathy do you want me to go to bed soon?
Bobbie its up to you
Bobbie whats your number?
Cathy lol...i can't believe Im doing this
Bobbie well I might change your life
Cathy --
Cathy its gonna be an international call tho
Bobbie fine by me
Bobbie I get cheap calls
Cathy hope so
Cathy i think the country code for the US is 001
Bobbie yeah I know it
Cathy lol... and how often have you done this?
Bobbie so you want to go to bed now? or chat here for a while?
Cathy lets chat for a bit longer.
Cathy once i log off Ill check on grandma and then get ready for bed
Bobbie okay
Bobbie is it bad if I have done this before?
Cathy no, Im just curious
Bobbie does it turn you on that I have fucked a lot of girls?
Cathy yes it does
Bobbie well you will enjoy my stories
Cathy how many stories in your virgin series?
Bobbie 17 girls
Bobbie but more stories I guess
Cathy Ill be checking the site everyday for a new one
Bobbie did your boyfriend ever tongue kiss your cunt like it was your mouth?
Cathy yes he did
Cathy made me crazy
Bobbie yeah my tongue is the way I get virgins
Cathy kissing them?
Bobbie no tonguing their cunt
Bobbie suckling their clit
Cathy oh, i could see how that would get them
Bobbie when a girl is cumming she will say yes to anything
Cathy how do you get them to let you tongue them? or does it just kind of happen?
Bobbie getting virgins just takes time and effort

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